About Us

We are The Armstrong Company – Property Tax Pioneers since 1987

Through the use of our unique method, it has established our firm as the leader in the property tax field for the representation of Industrial BPP. We represent clients on a national scale and average a 38% reduction for our new clients. We have saved our clients thousands of dollars that contributed to the bottom line.


Faithfully serving the interest of our clients with honesty and integrity, placing our

confidence, not in the abilities of man, but in the power and strength of Jesus Christ.


We will stand behind and defend our findings

The work product we produce in quantifying our client’s value is fully supported by facts. We don’t believe it’s in our client’s interest to pay for our unsubstantiated opinion before it is confirmed either administratively by the Assessor, the Review Board, or through judicial review.  Therefore, all costs associated with the representation of the client’s value is bore solely by The Armstrong Company regardless of outcome.  We hire and PAY for the appraisers, attorneys and any experts necessary to develop, prepare, and defend each client case throughout the administrative and judicial appeals process.  Our clients pay nothing except a percentage of the actual property tax savings. 

We are not a volume-consulting firm 

We obtain incomparable results for our clients year after year.  The Armstrong Method requires more expertise and resources – we focus on finding the greatest number of defendable reductions such as freeport, pollution control, foreign trade zone exemptions and abatements for our clients.

We don’t focus only on compliance

We create our own unique rendition report for each client’s property that complies with each States’ reporting requirements! TAC provides a well-supported value report stating our opinion of market value, supported by evidence – each client reviews and approves the Value Report before submission.

We focus on value

Inventory - GAAP Book Cost doesn’t always reflect the market value of Inventory for property tax purposes. Not all states tax inventory, those that do often have statutes or assessment guidelines that define how the inventory value is to be determined. When these definitions exist proper application typically results in a value different than GAAP cost. These differences could potentially mean hundreds of thousands in tax savings.

Machinery & Equipment - The mass appraisal method of assessing personal property seldom reflects a state’s market value assessment mandate.  This is because general depreciation tables are applied to book costs that result in the assessed value.  This approach doesn’t take into account the various forms of depreciation, the condition of the assets or each assets unique characteristics.  The Armstrong Method relies upon generally accepted appraisal methods and techniques in determining the value of the fixed assets.

We are transparent

We make the time to talk with our clients in each phase of representation keeping them fully aware of the process. Representing our client’s needs and interests is more than just a slogan:

  • We speak with our clients throughout the tax year keeping them updated on property tax issues both in general and specific to their case

  • We notate any changes in operations and/or areas of concern throughout the year

  • We seek written approval from our clients for each intended action prior to acting on our client’s behalf

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